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About the Tennuvian Horse Breed

Introducing the Tennuvian

A quick background on the origin of the breed

The TENNUVIAN is a gaited creature resulting from crossing the Tennessee Walker and the Peruvian Paso. The Tennuvian began as an experiment that Paula Bonser started in 1991. She bred her Tennessee Walking mare to a Peruvian Paso stallion, and found out that when other people had done this they came out with some very nice horses. She liked the result of this crossing so much that she decided to start a registry for the new horse, and gave the nascent breed its combination name:

Derived from: (Tennessee Walker & Peruvian Paso)

Paula Bonser is also the founder and registrar of the Tennuvian Horse Registry. Tennuvian breeders are trying to create a smoothly gaited pleasure mount with good feet like the Tennessee Walker's, but with a smaller body and more refined ear, like those of the Peruvian Paso. The Tennuvian's gaits are similar to those of the Tennessee Walker. They're lateral, without much of the termino found in the Peruvian. But they are smoother than the Walker's gaits. Also note the Tennuvian possesses a unique gait, comparable to soft prancing, with longer strides than those seen in the Paso. Tennuvians are great trail horses, especially suited to endurance. Generally, they are graceful yet hard-working horses that have a pleasant disposition and eagerness to do what they are taught. The THR registers all colors including palomino, buckskin, and pinto. They range anywhere from 14 to 15 hands. There are more than 100 registered horses throughout the US and Canada.

About Paula Bonser

Paula Bonser originally had a breeding ranch in Parker, Colorado, but moved to Florida and sold most of her horses. Her breeding program ended in 2000 when she moved to a smaller "ranch", but she keeps a Peruvian mare, a Tennessee Walker mare, and two Tennuvians - mare and gelding. She is interested in refining the breed and keeping an account of registered horses for location, to help buyers locate sale horses, and for owners to communicate with other owners/breeders. Paula recently retired so she can spend more time with keeping the registry alive and to enjoy her horses. Paula worked in the field of Occupational Therapy (which is where she learned and became interested in Hippotherapy) for close to 20 years, and has a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Business which led to numerous positions in large corporations prior to going into the healthcare field. Paula has had horses since her 20's which included Arabians, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Tennessee Walkers. Fox Trotters, Peruvian Pasos, and of course, Tennuvians. One of her current horses, Cisco, was born in Colorado from Paula's own stallion (who was sold in 1999) and her Tennessee Walker mare. She has raised him from birth. Cisco looks like a Quarter Horse, but he is 100% Tennuvian!